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Karl Binder
(System Technology) at Knauf AMF for 1.5 years „Following my well-organised training period, I had the opportunity to travel to Singapore for several days for customer training and an exhibition. A great experience to get a better perspective of the Asian market and our customers.“
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About us



Knauf AMF stands for quality. Our employees contribute significantly to this in a variety of ways. This starts with the manufacture of our ceiling systems and continues in all other areas of our company. To ensure our consistent high quality, we continuously monitor and improve our products. With the bundled expertise from the individual product brands, we convince our customers every day and with every project anew.



The constant development and optimisation of our products, system solutions and production is of great importance for our company philosophy. We are a trendsetter in our industry. We have already been awarded many prizes (for example the Architect's Darling Award). To remain the trend-setter, many of our investments are focused on innovation, often in the area of sustainability, so we can continue to grow with the new demands of today.



Our company has a long history. Since 1963, mineral tiles have been produced in Grafenau, initially by the company ATEX, since 1970 as AMF-Mineralplatten GmbH Betriebs KG and since 1995 with participation of the Knauf management company. During this time we have learned a lot and have always continued working to make our products even better. Our many years of experience help us on our way to a continued successful future.



We are represented by employees in numerous offices over five continents. This ensures the best on-site support for our customers - worldwide. With the seal "Made in Europe" we guarantee the best possible product quality, as all our products are manufactured at six production locations in Europe.



Our extensive and diverse team forms the basis of Knauf AMF. We work with a wide variety of people in different professions - all united with the goal of ensuring the best product quality and the best service for our customers. We collect experiences that shape each one of us, allowing us to grow together and improve together. Knauf AMF is not only a strong product family, but also and above all a diverse team.



We strive to be a pioneer in the digital environment in order to significantly shape our industry and to continue the success story of Knauf AMF. We use digitalisation in the most diverse areas such as production, administration or communication. This allows us to draw on a variety of new technologies.

Johann Friedl
(Head of Purchasing) – at Knauf AMF for 26 years „I am at Knauf AMF because there are always new developments and perspectives. If you take advantage of the opportunities that come with this and bring passion and ambition, there is nothing in the way of your career, no matter where you start.“
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We offer

Our employees can look forward to many different benefits that contribute toward a comfortable working day. There are also many benefits for health promotion, because the health of our employees is our top priority.

Modern time models enable our employees to reconcile work and private life in a family-friendly way.


The personal and professional development of our employees is very important to us. That is why we continuously promote education and training.


No doors are closed with us. Above all, our international orientation and sustainable growth provide opportunities in all career stages.


Go to work on your bike instead of in the car! That's how easy daily exercise can be. We offer cheap bike leasing conditions for our employees so that exercise becomes even more attractive.


We have introduced the Fit & Healthy programme for the health of our employees. Many offers promote motivation to move and for people to achieve their sport goals as a team.


In our in-house canteen we offer our employees a daily range of choices with vegetarian alternatives. Dining allowances are a matter of course for us.


A long search for a free parking space is never a problem with us. Our car parks, on or directly next to our company premises, guarantee a relaxed arrival at work.


We see the colloquial Christmas and holiday money as a special appreciation for the achievements of our employees.


With contributions to capital formation (VWL) we support the personal accumulation of assets.



As an established company, we offer very convincing remuneration packages. This is based on our economic strength and the already high tariff level.


Sophia Dillinger
(Trainee Industrial Clerk) – in the second year of training “A particularly important point for me is the proximity of my training location. Knauf AMF is a global company and yet remains rooted in the region. I don’t need long to get to work and didn’t have to move at the start of my training.”
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